Angela Melitopolous and Kerstin Schroedinger: Matri Linear B – Surfacing Earth ; Industries of Denial

Waterhole, red desert near Yuendumu, NT, Australia. Filmstill from Matri Linear B – Surfacing Earth © Angela Melitopoulos


Istanbul Biennial


17. September 2022
– 20. November 2022


Pera Müzesi
Asmalı Mescit, Meşrutiyet Cd. No:65
34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

In her experimental video installations and sound pieces, Angela Melitopoulos creates cine-so-matic cartographies that explore the relation between mnemopolitics, mobility and collective memory. Her use of the non-linear properties of moving images results in narratives on the mnemonic landscapes of twentieth-century Europe, Asia, and Brazil imperialist violence and facism.

Kerstin Schroedinger, working in performance-based video, film and sound, researches the means of image production, historical linearity and the ideological certainties of representation in the coinciding histories of industrialisation and film.

Melitopoulos and Schroedinger’s biennial contribution, Industries of Denial, presents the first results of their collaborative research on the Bagdad Railway and modern forms of erasure and denial as Middle Eastern and European nation-building processes. Their video-based performative event will provide a dialogic format with changing protagonists.

At Pera Museum, Melitopoulos presents the video installation Matri Linear B – Surfacing Earth (2021) on the expressive forces of the earth’s physical surface as a potentiality of resistant, artistic knowledges in the Australian land struggles of the Aboriginal Cultures in the Northern Territories.

Angela Melitopolous: Matri Linear B – Surfacing Earth, 2020
Two-channel video and eight-channel sound installation, 75 min.
Courtesy of the artist

Angela Melitopolous and Kerstin Schroedinger: ZONKEY Learning to Speak with Earth – Becoming Land,
Research interview with Barbara Glowczewski in the framework of the research project Matri Linear B, 2021
Video, 39 min.
Courtesy of the artists

Industries of Denial, 2022
Video performance and conversations with Oktay Ince, Pelin Tan, Schokofeh Kamiz, Alexandra Karina and others
Duration variable
Courtesy of the artists
Produced with the support of Tarabya Cultural Academy.

captions of Industries of Denial are as follows:
Industries of Denial research project by Kerstin Schroedinger and Angela Melitopoulos, 2022
from left to right:

Wall painting: View towards the Palace K in Sam’al/Zinçirli, the Amanus Mountains in the background, Oil on canvas based on original photograph Elisabeth Andrae, Berlin 1936
(c) Staatliche Museen zu Berlin – Vorderasiatisches Museum

23_09: Gleisarbeiten auf dem Bahnhof Hadschkiri (Taurusstrecke) [Hadjkiri]
from the image archives of Philipp Holzmann AG, Bagdadbahn 1911-1918

ruins of the Sigrist house in Fevzipaşa
(c) Melitopoulos/Schroedinger 2022

from the Archive of the Planet project by Albert Kahn.
photographed by Frédéric Gadmer
Locomotive accidentée (lors de la guerre ?) Usak, Turquie, 6 janvier 1923

train station in Fevzipaşa
(c) Melitopoulos/Schroedinger 2022

“Fevzipaşa 1916. Clara auf der Veranda.”
from Archiv für Zeitgeschichte der ETH Zürich, Teilnachlass Fritz und Clara Sigrist-Hilty