Foto: Jörg Reichardt

Christian Jankowski

Christian Jankowski was born in 1968 in Göttingen. His works are in the field of conceptual and performance art, for which he uses a variety of media and genres such as film, video, photography, painting, sculpture, and installation. Jankowski initiates collaborations between the visual arts and other professional worlds such as religion, politics, and entertainment. His work has been shown at numerous national and international exhibitions and biennials and is part of various collections, including those of the Metropolitan Museum, New York, the Tate, London, MOCA, Los Angeles, and Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin. He has been a professor at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart since 2005. Jankowski works internationally and lives in Berlin.

Christian Jankowski was a resident at Tarabya Cultural Academy from December 2015 to the end of May 2016.