Foto: Linda Rosa Saal


Max Czollek is an author and lives in Berlin. He is a member of the G13 poetry collective and co-editor of the magazine Jalta – Positionen zur jüdischen Gegenwart (Jalta – Positions on the Jewish Present). Verlagshaus Berlin has published his volumes of poetry Druckkammern (Pressure Chamber) (2012), Jubeljahre (Jubilee Years) (2015) and Grenzwerte (Limit Values) (2019); Carl Hanser, the essays Desintegriert Euch! (Disintegrate Yourselves!) (2018) and Gegenwartsbewältigung (Coming to Terms with the Present) (2020). His theater works have been performed throughout the German-speaking world.
Max Czollek was a resident at Tarabya Cultural Academy from March to May 2018.