Oda Projesi & Nadin Reschke

Oda Projesi is an artist collective based in Istanbul; composed of Özge Açıkkol, Güneş Savaş and Seçil Yersel. Starting in  the year 2000, their appartment in Galata functioned as a non-profit independent space, hosting projects, gatherings and acts up until 2005, when Oda Projesi was evicted due to gentrification. Since then Oda Projesi has a mobile status and continues to raise questions on space and place, creating relationship models by using different mediums like radio stations, books, postcards, newspapers; depending on and respecting the creativity of Istanbul and its citizens. Oda Projesi has been also concerned with the relationship between the artistic production and its “precariousness”. Recently, after all the members became mothers, the same questions have shifted to how the artistic production is affected out of being an artist parent.

Nadin Reschke born 1975 in Bernburg, lives and works in Berlin. She studied art and art therapy in Wales and Dresden. In her Work, Reschke puts an emphasis on social topcis and often collaborates with people external to the art world. She initiates dialogues and creates a frame for social action. Reschke’s works have been shown in many exhibitions and published in multiple volumes. She is the recipient of numerous awards and residency fellowships.

Nadin Reschke & Oda Projesi were residents at the Tarabya Cultural Academy from June to September 2022 as a tandem of the German-Turkish co-production grants supported by the Allianz Kulturstiftung.