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Literary-discursive evening with Max Czollek, Neco Çelik, Ulrich Gutmair and Fatma Aydemir

Reading and conversation followed by DJ-Sets





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In 2021, German society is radically diverse. The present recognition of this radical diversity points to the need to tell German history differently. The history of plural, post-migrant German democracy took place, among other locations, in Kreuzberg: the Kreuzberg 36 Boys, one of the germ cells of German hip-hop, the Antifasist Genclik, which beginning in the 1980s organized against the danger of neo-Nazi movements, and political protest against discrimination and exploitation, as expressed in the texts of Aras Ören and Semra Ertan. An evening for a different history that matches today’s radically diverse society.
7:30 pm: Admission
10 pm: Set with DJ Barış Cengiz and DJ Ulrich Gutmair