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Nuran David Çalış: NSU 2.0 (2021)

Followed by a conversation with Nuran David Çalış and Tuğsal Moğul


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Not fiction but reality: On 2 August 2018, the lawyer Seda Başay-Yıldız received a murder threat, signed “NSU 2.0.” The search for the origin of the letter led to a chat group amongst Frankfurt police officers, which exchanges swastikas and jokes about Jews. It is obvious that the authorities have a massive problem with right-wing extremists. What does this mean for politics, citizens, and victims?
Regie: Nuran David Calis
Bühne: Anne Ehrlich
Kostüme: Anna Sünkel
Video und Recherche: Karnik Gregorian
Komposition und musikalische Einrichtung: Vivan Bhatti
Dramaturgie: Alexander Leiffheidt
Followed by a conversation between Nuran David Çalış and Tuğsal Moğul, director of NSU/Auch Deutsche unter den Opfern (NSU / Germans Too among the Victims). In 2018 he adapted the play in coproduction with the Istanbul Theater Kumbaracı50 for a Turkish audience.
A production of Schauspiel Frankfurt, made possible by the Kulturfond Frankfurt RheinMain.