Achim Lengerer, Foto: André Siclodi

Achim Lengerer

Achim Lengerer’s artistic practice addresses the political effects and functions of speech and text. In addition to film soundtracks, installations and publications, the forms of this practice include performative lectures and events. He has founded various collaborative projects, including the freitagsküche in Frankfurt am Main. In 2006, together with Dani Gal, he created the project voiceoverhead, which deals with archived spoken language in the form of audio performances, exhibitions, and screenings. Since 2009, he has operated the mobile exhibition space and publishing house Scriptings, which acts as a discursive platform where various experimental ways of dealing with speech and writing are presented in collaboration with other artists, filmmakers, and authors. In addition to its films, audio pieces and performances, Scriptings also exists as a multilingual publication.  Lengerer is a graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. He participated in documenta 14 with his 21-hour-long radio piece different time, different place, different pitch (in collaboration with Dani Gal), produced by Savvy Funk and Deutschlandfunk.

Achim Lengerer was a resident at the Tarabya Cultural Academy from February to April 2023.