David Ranan

David Ranan was born into a family that left Germany in 1933 and emigrated to Palestine. He grew up, received his education and began his professional life as an economist in Israel. About forty years ago he moved to London, where he continued his studies a few years later, earning a doctorate in cultural and political science. Ranan divides his time between Germany and England.

Books published in Germany:
LANGUAGE VIOLENCE: Abused words and other political campaign terms, (ed.) (Dietz Verlag, 2021)
Muslim anti-Semitism – A threat to social peace in Germany? (Dietz Verlag, 2018)
The shadows of the past are still long – Young Jews about their life in Germany, (Nicolai Verlag, 2014)
“Is it still good for our country to die?” – Young Israelis on their service in the army, (Nicolai Verlag, 2011)

David Ranan was a resident at the Tarabya Cultural Academy from August to November 2022.