Ebow, Ebru Düzgün
Credit: Nikolas-Petros Androbik


Ebow first made a name for herself through her guerrilla performances in Munich’s railway station district. When Puls saw her self-produced, half-hour mixtape video, the broadcaster invited her to audition for the Startrampe segment. This led to her a record deal with Disko B, which released her first, eponymous album. Since then Ebow has released four more albums that combine social critique, queerness, and feminism. Her latest album, Canê, was released by her very own music label Alvozay. Under this label, she co-organised her first music festival with Musicboard Berlin in 2020, and in that same year, she filmed the documentary Safer Spaces in der Clubkultur [“Safer Spaces in Club Culture”] together with the Arte television channel. With her label partner Tmnit Ghide, she manages new, mainly BIPoC artists. Ebow is a member of the music collective Gaddafi Gals, with whom she released her second studio album in 2022.

Ebow was a resident at the Tarabya Cultural Academy from February until May 2024 and worked on her next album.