Eva Stotz

Eva Stotz, born in 1979 in Isny, is a documentary film director. In her films Sollbruchstelle (Breaking Point) (2009), Global Home (2012) and One Million Steps (2015), she addresses the global devaluation of work, the power of alternative networks, and the spirit of the worldwide Occupy movement. She experiments with the potential of documentary narrative: in Moments of Movement (2016), biography becomes visual documentary, and in Moments of Arrival, she uses film to spark a social dialogue. Field Trip (2017) is her first interactive film, in which the narrative is determined by the user. Stotz gives international film courses and is continuing Harun Farocki’s global project “Labor in a Single Shot.” Her films and projects have been shown at film festivals around the world and have received numerous awards, including the German Television Award, Bamberg Best Experimental Film Award, and the Montréal Jury Award.
Eva Stotz was a resident at Tarabya Cultural Academy from November 2015 to April 2016.