Hans Lüdemann, Foto: Hyou Vielz

Hans Lüdemann | February-May 2021

Hans Lüdemann, born in 1961 in Hamburg, lives and works as a freelance composer and musician near Cologne. He studied classical piano at the Hamburg Conservatory and learned to play jazz piano with Joachim Kühn. After studying at the Cologne University of Music and at the Banff Center in Canada, Lüdemann graduated with the first jazz concert exam in Germany. He formed European bands such as the piano trio ROOMS and the Franco-German octet TransEuropeExpress. With the African balaphonist Aly Keita in the TRIO IVOIRE, he forges transcultural connections with jazz and, as a solo pianist, expands the acoustic piano sound with his “virtual piano” into a microtonal instrument. He has taught at the Cologne University of Music and at the European Academy Montepulciano, and he was appointed Cornell Visiting Professor at Swarthmore College in the USA. His CD box die kunst des trios (the art of the trio) was awarded the ECHO Jazz Prize 2013, and the New York City Jazz Record voted his album mikroPULS one of the “Albums of the Year 2019.” He performs with his ensembles and as a soloist from Berlin to Bamako, Paris, Beijing, Cape Town, and New York.
Hans Lüdemann was a resident at Tarabya Cultural Academy from February to May 2021.