Laura Mello, Foto: Doris Schmid

Laura Mello | June-September 2021

Laura Mello, born in 1972 in Blumenau, Brazil, studied communication science and later composition in Brazil and  electro-acoustic composition in Vienna. She listens to and researches formats, sings, plays traditional and electronic instruments, creates instrumental pieces, installations, interventions and audiovisual performances. In her solo performance series Composing for many media including me she reflects – through the use of electronic instruments, video projection and her own body – her role as a composer and artist in a multicultural environment. Her work were seen and heard in festivals such as Radical Latinamerica Sounds, Heroines of Sound, Frau Musica Nova, Dystopia Klangkunst, and in venues such as Konzerthaus Berlin, Akbank Sanat, Berlinische Galerie and Tonspur MQ Vienna. Her compositions and radio productions were among others broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Ö1 and BBC3. In 2018 her CD Está Verde! was published, a retrospective of ten years of electroacoustic music. The 7 “LP Ringing Still Life (2018) brings together experimental ring tones, silence and field recordings. Mello has received numerous grants and prizes, most recently in 2019 the working grant from the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe (2019) and the grant from the Neustart Kultur funding program of the Music Fund (2020). She has lived and worked in Berlin since 2006.

Laura Mello was a resident of the Tarabya Cultural Academy from June to September 2021.