Schokofeh Kamiz

Schokofeh Kamiz, born in Tehran, studied at the Iranian Youth Cinema Society and Audiovisual Media in Braunschweig. Until 2011 she worked as a video journalist. Since then she has been working as an independent video artist and filmmaker. Her work explores the space between political-societal narratives and personal realms, primarily through observation. Her short films and video installations include Harlan’s Children 8 Days-80 Truths, We do it – not because we agree with it, and Block – Living in concrete, all in close collaboration with the theater director Dirk Cieslak. Her documentary After Sabeen (2019) screened at several international film festivals and won the “Director’s Choice Award for Courage in Cinema” in Montreal. She is currently completing a film that pays homage to womanhood from an intersectional perspective.

Kamiz was a resident at Tarabya Cultural Academy from June to September 2022 working on a new project dealing with grief in migration and the meaning of homeland after death. In the frame of a prolonging is Kamiz a resident again from July to August 2024.