Tamer Yığıt, Foto: Privat

Tamer Yiğit | February-September 2020

Tamer Yiğit, born in 1974 in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin and Istanbul. Already as a young man, he decided to pursue a career in art, film, and music. Yiğit, who initially made a name for himself as a musician in the Berlin cultural scene, was discovered by the Berlin School director Thomas Arslan, in whose films Geschwister (Brothers and Sisters) (1997) and Dealer (1999) he played the leading roles. In the course of his further artistic career, Yiğit has established a firm place for himself in the German cultural scene with his diverse repertoire as a musician, theater maker, filmmaker, and actor. Most recently he has made the film Sıkıntı- Track (2020), released the EP Graffiti Rock with Çağrı Sinci (2020) and directed his play Serenade at HAU1 Hebbel am Ufer (2019).
Tamer Yiğit was a resident at Tarabya Cultural Academy from February to September 2020.