The Tarabya Cultural Academy awards annual residencies to artists from different disciplines for four to eight-month stays in Istanbul as part of an open call procedure.


Exceptionally qualified artists and cultural professionals who have already gained public recognition for their works or publications and who live and work in the Federal Republic of Germany, and tandems of cultural professionals residing in Germany and Turkey who qualify within the framework of the Turkish-German co-production grants. Applications from students are excluded.

Examples of tandems that qualify within the framework of the Turkish-German co-production grants:

  • A film director who lives in Turkey wants to work on a new project with a screenwriter from Germany.
  • A musician residing in Turkey would like to work for several months with a composer from Germany.
  • A visual artist residing in Germany would like to realize a joint project with a visual artist residing in Turkey.


Architecture, visual art, performing art, design, literature, music, film, journalism and cultural theory.


Four or eight months, with an option for extension by request for another two months at a later date.


Working in an environment of excellent fellow artists. Communal use of a multi-purpose room usable as a studio, of a rehearsal room (with Steinway piano and drums) and of an event space used by several organizations. In addition, residents can apply for the defrayment of project-related material costs arising from the realization and presentation of artistic work. The German Embassy in Ankara is responsible for supervision of the program. The Goethe-Institut is in charge of curatorial work and also of networking with Turkish cultural professionals and supporting the realization of projects on site.


The cash grant consists in a lump sum grant for living costs in the amount of 2,500 euros per month. In addition, non-cash benefits include provision of furnished accommodation (apartment with cooking facilities and bathroom), defrayal of costs for water, electricity, heating and basic cleaning against a lump sum of 20 euros monthly paid by the resident. The lump sum grant is intended to cover travel and transport costs and costs that arise through fulfilment of the terms of the residency by the residents.


The Turkish-German co-production scholarships are awarded in cooperation with the Allianz Foundation. The foundation’s mission is to enable better living conditions for future generations. It supports artists and initiatives that develop ideas for social change, open up new solutions to the pressing challenges of our time and work for social justice, open societies and the preservation of a planet worth living on. Applications that deal with the above-mentioned ideas and issues are expressly encouraged. Further information on the Allianz Foundation can be found here.

Both tandem partners receive a monthly cash grant to realize their joint artistic project. The monthly rate for residents from Germany corresponds to that of the regular Tarabya Cultural Academy residencies; for residents from Turkey, the monthly rate is 2,000 euros (in TL according to the current exchange rate). The grant for residencies for Turkish partners is provided by the Allianz Foundation.

Turkish tandem partners who do not have domicile in Istanbul can apply to Tarabya Cultural Academy for assistance with accommodation in the city. Turkish tandem partners take part in all activities of the Tarabya Cultural Academy, including the weekly “Tarabya Tuesdays”, can use the studios and other common rooms, and are integrated on an equal footing into all processes. Tandem partners with a domicile in Turkey cannot be provided with an apartment at Tarabya Cultural Academy.

Applications from former residents of Tarabya Culture Academy are excluded.

General conditions for residents from Germany

It is possible to travel to Tarabya Cultural Academy with your family. Care of the children must be guaranteed by the legal guardians themselves. Information on the fees of the German Embassy Primary School and the German Embassy Kindergarten can be found here. Information on the German School’s middle and high school fees can be found here.

A good knowledge of German, a good knowledge of English and a basic knowledge of Turkish are an advantage. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.


Residents undertake to be present in Istanbul for the duration of the residency. In the case of absences that are not related to the project and that together exceed one tenth of the total duration of the residency, the cash grant may be subsequently reduced. If the absence is brought about by urgent personal reasons, the management of the Cultural Academy will decide on exceptions. As soon as the absence exceeds a quarter of the total duration of the residency, the stay is considered cancelled. Acceptance of the residency establishes the obligation to use the offered funding opportunities. The production of specific artistic results on the part of the residents during their stay is welcome. It is not, however, an obligation. If works are created during the tenure of the residency, reference should be made in publications to the support of the Academy. Open-mindedness towards the host country, willingness to network with the Turkish cultural scene and participation in events is expressly desired. At the end of the residency, residents are expected to submit a written report about their stay.


House Rules


An independent jury of Tarabya Cultural Academy selects the recipients of the residency. The jury consists of a five experts who assess the artistic quality of the applications. The Cultural Academy decides on the award of residencies based on nominations by the independent jury. To this end, it forms a residency committee, composed of the administration of the Cultural Academy, the chairman of the Academy Advisory Board, and the chairman of the independent jury. There is no legal claim to the award of a residency.

The Turkish-German co-production grants are awarded in cooperation with the Allianz Foundation.

The Allianz Foundation is a foundation with legal capacity under civil law with its registered office in Berlin. It operates and promotes projects in the fields of civil society, the environment, art and culture in Europe and the Mediterranean region.