Foto: Dawin Meckel


Ketan Bhatti, born in 1981, is a composer and percussionist who crosses the boundaries between different genres and cultural worlds. His works range from contemporary chamber music to experimental music and dance theater, stage and film music to electronic, hip-hop-based productions. Since 2003 he has been composing regularly with his brother Vivan Bhatti for productions by the director Nuran David Çalış and others at Deutsches Theater Berlin and the Cologne Schauspiel. Ketan and Vivan Bhatti’s music theater pieces are based on collaborations with authors such as Feridun Zaimoğlu and Roland Schimmelpfennig, ask questions about integration and exclusion, and have been premiered and performed at various venues, including the Neu Kölln Opera, the Tischlerei – Deutsche Oper Berlin and the Hanover State Opera. Since 2009 the brothers have also been composing and producing the music for the shows of the Berlin urban dance company Flying Steps. For the concert Klanggestalten featuring Simon Stockhausen, Bhatti was awarded the Karl Hofer Prize 2008. With Cymin Samawatie, he founded the Trickster Orchestra in 2013 as a chamber orchestra for contemporary, trans-traditional soundscapes and experimental methods of development.
Ketan Bhatti was a resident at Tarabya Cultural Academy from January to June 2017.