Nadin Reschke and Oda Projesi: Open Call


Open Call


19. July 2022
– 16. August 2022


English & Turkish


Free of charge

From hand to mouth-From ear to ear-From moment to moment (working title)
Dialogues around the pandemic from a feminist perspective

During their Tarabya residency Nadin Reschke and Oda Projesi work on a collaborative project about the effects of the pandemic on women. Common to their practice is creating platforms for communication and addressing and including a diverse audience.
What do we encounter when we share our experiences with the pandemic in a collective process with all women and everyone who identify as women? The pandemic has acted as a catalyst of fragility. Gender roles have shifted. Do we experience a push-back? Together with you we would like to create a space in which we can share and research the effects of the pandemic isolation on our (artistic) production and daily reproduction. Our work is based on concepts of Mothering, Sisterhood and Solidarity between women and the struggles for visibility in a patriarchal society. We are driven by the need for visibility and empowerment and transformation which results from coming together and the mutual exchange of personal experiences.
That is why we invite you to a lively discussion about the following questions: How has the pandemic changed our daily routine in terms of care work? What strategies have we found to deal with the pandemic situation? How can we confront our own fragility? How can we investigate feminist maternal practices as sites for women‘s empowerment and social change? We invite you for a series of 3 workshops coming together in the Tea House of Tarabya engaging around questions we printed on fabric to guide us. The discussions will partly be audio recorded as archival material and we will employ and explore different textile techniques together to create personal storytelling situations and to induce a physical visibility with the help of the material. Based on Reschke ́s experience of working with textiles, we imagine a collective process, the synergies of bodies and voices in a series of textile posters in a performative event through Istanbul.

Workshop Dates:
1. Workshop: 19.07.2022 3-6 pm
2. Workshop: 09.08.2022 3-6 pm
3. Workshop: 16.08.2022 3-6 pm
Participation in all 3 dates is desirable, but not a must. The workshop will be held in English and Turkish.

Register by writing an email: (space is limited) Please fill out the google form to describe your motivation and indicate if you attend all three dates and possibly need childcare.
The project will conclude with an Open Forum on 7.09.2022 in Tarabya Cultural Academy as a final gathering between all participants and components.

NADIN RESCHKE is a visual artist from Berlin who works in different social contexts. Many of her works are created in transcultural contexts. The topics of her often long-term projects are inclusion vs. exclusion, attributions of identity, migration and mobility. In her artistic practice, Nadin Reschke makes frequent use of fabrics as a versatile and changeable sculptural material. She uses them to render identities, collective histories and individual experiences visible. Her connection with Istanbul,, its history and political situation is very much connected with the relationship to the artist group Oda Projesi.

ODA PROJESI is an artist collective based in İstanbul; Özge Açıkkol, Güneş Savaş and Seçil Yersel turned their collaborative experience starting from 1997 to a project in 2000. From January 2000, the space in Galata functioned as a non- profit independent space, hosting projects, gatherings and acts up until march 16th 2005, when Oda Projesi was evicted from the apartment due to the gentrification process. Since then Oda Projesi was no more space based but always carried the idea of the creation of a third space, a space for socialization. While doing this, the project looked at how İstanbul as a city is organized spatially by its habitants. Oda Projesi transferred this spatial and relational practices to different cities and neighborhoods both in Turkey and abroad.