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Burcu Bilgiç

Foto: Berk Çakmakçı

Burcu Bilgiç is a dancer, performer, and performance maker based in Istanbul. She is interested in DIY aesthetics, trash, and the digital culture of current times, which she considers as a kind of manifestation of generational self-liberation and the expression of an ongoing, silent resistance. Besides mostly being framed by the aesthetics of dance, her works are attempts to use body, sound, and text to build immersive real/virtual spaces. Her artistic practice derives from dance and performance, while she considers the online realm and social media as a tool to develop her artistic language and a great source of inspiration. She often contemplates how the personal becomes collective and the private becomes public through these new media. Her favorite subject matters are intimacy, vulnerability, digitally curated personas, and post-human stories. Burcu Bilgiç often performs in collaboration with museums and galleries to create in-situ experiences.